Shipping Transportation

Shipping Transportation

Shipping Transportation

FCL, Full Container Load

FCL term is used in ocean freight service describing full container shipipng from on one place to another. FCL usually associates one shipper and one consignee. Full container shipping usually brings lower cost, than equivalent size and weight of cargo bulk. FCL is the most optimized container shipping way regarding cost, volume and weight of the cargo. The FCL (full container load) process involves - picking up empty freight container at the container yard, loading at the shipper facility, transporting by truck / rail to the port of loading and further sea / ocean container shipping of the cargo to the port of arrival and delivery to final destination. In certain circumstances of sea cargo transportation if you don't have enough cargo for a full container load we still recommend you to consider FCL option. You may find FCL sea freight service compared with LCL (Less than Container Load) to be more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient for you.

LCL (Less-Than-Container Load)

Optimize Transit Times and Minimize Costs with LCL Ocean Freight When you don't have enough cargo to fill an ocean freight container, UPS Supply Chain Solutions offers LCL service between major ports worldwide. We have an extensive network of capabilities and container freight stations. That means we can offer you space within a container that is shared with other customers’ goods to deliver economical usage-based costing, while providing Full-Container-Load (FCL) frequency, routing and visibility.

Transit Freight

Due to its geographical position, importance of Turkey about transit freight increased a lot. Due to its position among the busiest sea-routes; railway and raod connections to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and CIS countries; Turkey gained the leader position in transit freight. We carry out terminal handling and transit customs procedure of the containers which arrive to Turkey from foreign countries and ship them to third countries by rial-land-sea transportation. We offer our experience in transit freight to our clients and international agencies.

Cross Country Freight

When have a shipment from a foreign country to another foreign country, differences of customs regulations in these countries may cause unforeseeable problems. Being far away both from loading location and arrival location weakens your control over the shipping organization . It’s very important to have a reliable and Professional agency in this type of shipments. We are assertive about supplying best service to our clients in cross country freight due to our international network of agencies, which consists of well-experienced and self-proven companies.

Door to Door Freight

Door to Door international FCL shipment of ocean freight container is entirely organized by our professional team. At the time of the container cargo loading you should provide us with the required documents for the international FCL cargo shipment / Invoice, Packing List and Shipper Export Declaration Titles, Certificate of Origin etc / and our experienced personals will arrange everything else necessary for your intermodal transportation overseas. Your ocean freight FCL shipment will be loaded at shipper facility, transported by truck, rail or both to the port of loading and ship further to the designated port of arrival. We will prepare and file US export customs declaration (AES) on your behalf and provide you with needed export/import documentation support. Your FCL cargo will have a unique tracking number and you will be able to track it at all the stages of the international container shipping process. When your FCL cargo arrives at port of destination, our professional customs brokers will arrange all the necessary paperwork to facilitate custom clearance and further transporting the sea freight full container load to its final destination.

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